Maori Tattoo Designs’ Meanings

This is Maori Moko tattoo design for men and women.If you are interested to obtain the best Maori tattoo designs meanings from the internet because you want to embed a tattoo of this kind, you should first be aware of some facts regarding the Maori cultural heritage, so that you won’t encounter any blunder in having these sensitive designs.

When it comes to selecting tats, Maori tat designs are on the top of the list because certainly, they make rich and remarkable tat designs for your body.  A great number of tat enthusiasts and tat artists have the tendency to mimic tat designs from different cultures, and try to create their own design out of their creativity.

They may be able to achieve it and come-up with artistic designs, but definitely, this may not be applicable in the case of traditional simplistic of Maori tattoo designs.  The first step that you have to do when you approach this unique design from a great culture is to have an understanding of their language.

All cultures possess their own terminologies including the culture of a tribe.  As a good example, the word “ta moko” refers to the identity of a family of Maoris belonging to a group called “Whakapapa”.  You should also know that the Maoris originated from the beautiful country of New Zealand.

The triangle shape of Maori tattoo is embedded at man's upper back.

One of the reasons why Maori tattoo designs meanings are important for the Maoris is that this is something solid for the Maoris in their ability to trace their roots over the past many years.  The tats were utmost important in the battlefield because it was through these marks that they were able to identify their enemies.

Their lives depended too much in having these particular designs in the battleground.  With the use of these tats, some groups of Maoris were able to trace their family background.  There were chieftains who could easily observe and interpret Maori tat designs.  They were able to do it by just having a feel of the texture first, and observe the design based on the precision method of inking the tattoo.

In doing this method, they were able to trace their family trees through the Maori tattoo designs meanings.  Today, there are still Maori people residing in New Zealand that possess Maori tribal tats dating back as far as 2,000 years.  Another interesting aspect of these tribal tats that many tat enthusiasts are not aware of is that each tat in the Maori tat designs tells a special story about their culture.

The Hawaiian woman from Maori Village had a Maori tattooed on her chin.

Each story reveals the origin of a particular tribe, their beliefs, and their spirituality.  Today, the term “ta” may have been addressed in some writings, but its other part which is the word “moko” is missing.  The problem is that in this word lies the true meaning of a Maori tat design carved on their skin.

During those times, the Maoris utilized natural tattooing instruments such as the bones of albatross in engraving their tattoos.  The color of the tat signifies a certain family history, and the tale behind the family tree is indicated by the patterns used to reveal the true Maori tattoo designs meanings.

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