Wrestler The Rock’s Polynesian Tattoos

The Rock Johnson had a Polynesian tattooed from his shoulder to upper arm.Wrestler The Rock Polynesian Tattoos Revealed at Last!

Dwayne, more popularly called “The Rock” Johnson, began his stint as a pro wrestler, after which he entered the screen as a professional actor wearing the rock Polynesian tattoo.  The Rock followed the footsteps of his ancestors as the 3rd generation in the family of professional wrestlers, and also in having tattoos.

His 1st tattoo had a bull head image etched on his right arm that signifies the Taurus zodiac sign.  This tattoo is a popular Longhorn steer with a plain outline of the bull where its eyes are colored red.  Tattooed on his shoulder and left arm are images that have a personal story.  He has a traditional Samoan large tattoo created by a Hawaiian artist.

The rock Polynesian tattoo includes traditional tribal symbols and patterns that symbolize Johnson’s history of life, his family tree and their spirit mentors.  This tattoo is an extensive one that is done in a half sleeve wrap around the upper portion of his arm, extending to the shoulder and reaching his chest.  Later, he had this tat design extended in front, incorporating a warrior image placed on his heart.

The Rock has never informed the public if his tattoo was created with the use of traditional tools, but he revealed that it took 3 sessions and 60 hours to complete his freestyle tattoo, according to his interview with Playboy magazine.  In making this tat, no skin markings or stencils were utilized prior to engraving the tat design.  This tat was fully created in a freehand style.

The Rock with Polynesian tattoo from left chest to upper arm and a longhorn bull head on his right arm photo shooting on the beach.

However, he gave some explanations in his own words about the rock Polynesian tattoo that he has on his body during an interview with him as you can read below.  Johnson said that the coconut leaves called “niu”, represent the chief warrior of Samoa.  He explained further that the sun image that he has brings good luck to the wearer.

The 3 people combined into one refer to the “isa/ga fa’atasi” portraying himself with his arms open.  According to Johnson, the tat which is extended on his chest connects to his family or “o lo’u to’a/ua” that includes his wife named Dany, and his “o lo’u afafine” or daughter named Simone Alexandra.

The Rock's shoulder and upper arm was tattooed with Polynesian tattoos.

The design of the swirls in a descending profile that you can see in the rock Polynesian tattoo signifies the present, past and future, with the image of the future becoming enlarged.  He also possesses a tat design having 2 eyes, called “o mata e lua” representing his ancestors who are constantly watching his actions and ways.

Johnson considers this image as the “Great Eye” which is a symbol that provides its wearer to have the ability to acquire his enemy’s spirit.  The eye symbol is used to deter the enemy from winning the battle.  Other designs that Johnson has include a broken face with the teeth of shark symbolizing strength that serves as protector of his spirit, and a symbolism of all his struggles.

Another one included in the rock Polynesian tattoos is the image of a priest as his spirit guide, and a tortoise shell that protects him from evil spirits.

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